Third Way

Advanced Nuclear Energy

Climate change is an evolving and immediate threat.

We are laser focused on developing and deploying technologies that could help us prevent climate change’s most harmful impacts.

This means reducing global emissions at least 80% by 2050.

We support clean energy.

Full stop.


The best research tells us that we’ll need a variety of low-carbon solutions–no one technology can do it alone.

That's why we support


Efficiency & storage,

Carbon capture,

& nuclear.

Nuclear technology is carbon-free and hard at work every day providing electricity to 1 in 5 homes in the US.

Meeting growing global demand for energy while hitting these ambitious emissions targets will require a massive scale-up of reliable, carbon-free power.

Most analyses show that nuclear generation will have to increase to achieve this goal, with some leading authorities calling for a doubling of nuclear energy.

Today's reactors can get us part of the way.

But we need advanced technologies that will make nuclear cost-competitive with cheap fossil fuels, and a variety of new reactor designs to help nuclear meet the unique needs of more communities and carbon-heavy industries.

Put simply we need

advanced nuclear

to win the fight against

climate change.

There’s a whole new crop of nuclear innovators and entrepreneurs reimagining how we use this technology.

Advanced nuclear technologies are different in a couple of ways:

  • Some are smaller and can provide electricity in hard to reach places (think arctic villages).
  • Some use different types of fuel or coolant that can’t melt down
  • Some can provide heat for industry without the emissions.
  • Some are flexible and help out other energy sources like renewables, that aren’t on all the time.

We can all work together to keep building

smart policies,

private investment,

and public support.

We need to move fast

To stop climate change.

To spur economic growth at home and in the developing world, ultimately increasing social equity and fairness

And to ensure America remains the global leader in nuclear energy technology.

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