Third Way

Advanced Nuclear Energy

Third Way

Advanced Nuclear Energy

Samples from the Summit

Samples From The Summit Feature V3

At our third annual Advanced Nuclear Summit, we discussed the progress this industry has made and the need to engage even more communities as developers move closer to commercialization. We were grateful to have lots of fresh faces and returning champions contributing to this discussion. Scroll down for highlights of the day’s conversations in GIF format (because GIFs are fun). You can also find video of every session of the Summit here.

Sen. Bennet - Made a lot of progress but renewables aren't enough

Freed - Tremendous growth but nuclear can't be an island

Ambassador Laura S.H. Holgate: We have the opportunity with advanced nuclear to break the link between energy and weapons

Roxanne Brown - why can't you have a clean energy standard for nuclear?

Mayor Rebecca Casper - you have to remember this is a business


Cat and Shaq

Disclaimer: Neither this cat, nor Shaq were at the Summit.

Mark Peters - build reactors at INL. We've got plenty of space!

Priscilla Atansah - We have an incredible opportunity to leverage advanced nuclear to tackle concerns locally on job creation, growth

Zachary Bogue - You want to be investing in "little R" and "big D"

Chairman Svinicki - we're hearing clearly that having a staged and phased engagement with the regulator is a preference

Excited to hear more? Videos of all of the conversations from this year's Advanced Nuclear Summit are available in the playlist below.